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Cookies for Kids

The newsletter and blog post for June were delayed because I was working on developing a new line of products for the bakery. At around the same time, another school shooting tragedy occurred in Uvalde, Texas. It was difficult to think about sending out happy news in the midst of tragic events that gripped the attention of an entire nation and the world. However, I also strongly believe in being a proactive person. I do not profess to have all the answers to the world's problems, but I do believe that doing something is far better than doing nothing at all. The trouble is that it is also difficult to determine what might be meaningful when wrestling with a such a complex phenomenon, although that does not mean I'm not willing to try. What is known about school shootings is that the majority of shooters are in their middle to late teens, and the majority of victims are also children. Whatever one's personal opinion might be about what contributes to these violent acts, it is my sincere hope that the one factor that everyone can acknowledge is that our children need our help. They are in trouble. My search for ways to step up and contribute something positive led me to Mentor Independence Region.

Mission and Vision

MENTOR was created more than 30 years ago to expand opportunities for young people to connect with formal and informal mentors by building a youth mentoring field and movement, serving as the expert and go-to resource on quality mentoring. The result—a more than 10x increase in young people in structured mentoring relationships, from hundreds of thousands to millions. (Source: Mentor Independence Region, Mission and Vision,

By providing training, resources, and guidance, Mentor Independence Region enhances the power and impact of mentoring programs throughout the region and across the country. When support is assured, men and women who can make a tangible, measurable difference in a young person's life are more willing to step up and fill the void. Research has shown that young people who have the benefit of an adult mentor are more likely to succeed academically and improve their futures both socially and economically. Mentoring teaches the skills for making better, more thoughtful decisions rooted in hope and optimism. (Source: Mentor Independence Region, The Mentoring Effect,

How You Can Help

From now until the end of July, you can help Mama Donna's Bakery celebrate the addition of our new edible ink printer and help young people at the same time. Visit the "THIS MONTH ONLY" page in our online store and consider purchasing one or more of the cookies especially designed to highlight the value of mentoring and to benefit Mentor Independence Region.

Cookies can be purchased individually for $5.00 each, or take advantage of some savings and order a Half Dozen for $24.00 ($4.00 each) or a Dozen for $45.00 ($3.75 each). Mama Donna's Bakery will donate a full 50% of the proceeds to Mentor Independence Region.

Customized Products

You can also visit our new Store page for "Customized Products" to learn how to order custom cookies, cakes, or cupcakes designed for any occasion.

Custom designs are printed on gluten-free, edible "paper" using edible ink. Cookies are topped with a very thin layer of made-from-scratch fondant using pure cane sugar syrup (no corn syrup). As is always the case at Mama Donna's, ingredients are all natural and use pure extracts and flavorings. Customized cookies, cakes, and cupcakes can be used to print photos, company logos, designs for baby/bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more! Custom cookies are also great for shower favors or sweet Thank You's to coworkers, customers, friends, and family.

Place an order for any Customized Product from now until the end of July, and 25% of the proceeds will benefit Mentor Independence Region.

Thank you for your support!

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