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  • Chocolate Lush is a layered dessert pie—crushed pecan crust, smooth cream cheese pastry cream, rich chocolate mousse, fresh whipped cream. It's a chocolate lover's dream! Deceptively light, not too sweet, and adds just the right amount of luxury for a special dessert.


    Chocolate Lush

    • Mama Donna's ships Wed-Fri only. Shipping pies is available, but may require express shipping to some locations, which could incur additional shipping costs.
      Please note:

      • Overnight express shipping may be required for certain locations. Rates will vary depending on the carrier used and the shipping address.
      • All shipping costs will be verified and confirmed with the customer prior to finalizing the order.
    • All pies are shipped with freezer packs, which may thaw during shipping. Pies should be immediately refrigerated. Refrigerated pies should be enjoyed within one week of arrival. 

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