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  • Celebrate Mom and mothers everywhere with a delightful gift basket filled with exceptional treats! Includes one Mini-Cake, six Biscotti, four Lemon-Ginger Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, six Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods, a box of herbal teas, and a personalized greeting card. (Basket style may vary depending on product availability.)

    Our 4" mini-cakes are three layers, filled with delicious buttercreams, and weigh approximately 1 pound or roughly the equivalent of 4 standard cupcakes. The standard Mother's Day Mini-Cake  features red roses and an edible ink topper you can customize with a personal message or the recipient's name.

    Champagne Strawberry Cake is fluffy, lightly flavored champagne cake filled with White Chocolate Buttercream and fresh strawberries.
    Triple Chocolate Blackberry Cake features a Chocolate Shortbread base, rich Chocolate Cake, layers of White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Buttercreams, and covered with Dark Chocolate Ganache. A thin layer of Blackberry Preserves adds a gentle tartness and enhances the chocolate flavors.

    Mother's Day Basket

    • Mini-Cakes: Butter, sugar, non-GMO flour, eggs, cream, baking soda, pure vanilla extract, salt. May also include various liquors and liqueurs, citrus zest, strawberries, blackberry preserves, and other natural flavors.

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