Our authentic English scones are creamy, tender, and lightly sweet. Perfect complement to a cup of tea or coffee. 

  • Lemon-Lavender
  • Date-Nut
  • Maple-Oat
  • Plain

Scones (1/2 dozen)

    • ALL: flour (non-GMO), butter (hormone-free, non-GMO), raw sugar, cream, vanilla, salt
      • Flavors vary, but may include: lemons, lemon zest, dried lavender buds, lavender extract, fresh peaches, fresh mint, dried dates, walnuts, pecans, cinnamon


    Scones are available to wholesale and food service clients as boxes of 12 individually wrapped and labeled pieces or as unpackaged, unlabeled trays of 12 pieces. For unpackaged trays, labeled wax-coated sleeves are provided for service and display.


    CALL 610-451-4836 OR EMAIL mamadonnasbakery1@gmail.com FOR PRICING AND ORDERING INFORMATION.